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By brian (registered) | Posted August 18, 2010 at 22:46:27

"Don't count your Future Fund cash until you have it in hand". The future fund people are for the west harbor and against the east mountain..did i miss something. The only way that stadium wont be built there is if the pan/am people hijack democracy after they voted for it 5 times!. You don't have to like it thats how the vote was. Just because they say NO doesn't mean they wont say "we will give you a few more weeks or months to pick another site". If they picked another city...they would have to come up with 60-100 million..maybe more to get a stadium and it would take time (more time than it would to see if hamilton picks another location). The bottom line is if that happens, democracy will be will cost millions and millions more and taxes will go up. That is the real the problem i have with this. If Bob Young and his supporters convince me it wont cost tens of millions more for a site he wants...than i wont have a problem with it...they havent so im dead set against it.

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