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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 18, 2010 at 22:29:55

Robert D asked "Why not hold a campaign we can all get behind?"

Because this isn't about the Tiger-Cats. If it was, it would simply say "come out and show the Tiger-Cats that you want them to stay in Hamilton" or "Come out and tell Bob Young that a decision has been made, we'll support you to make it work". Few could argue with that.

But this is clearly politically motivated and predicated on the wholly unproven notions that a West Harbour Stadium is neither "sustainable or economically viable" and that the Tiger-Cats are leaving for places unknown.

Terms like "start listening" (after Council entertained about 8 hours worth of delegations) "another white elephant" (without naming the others) "suck away tax dollars" (when an East Mountain stadium was $50-$80 million more expensive) and "lack of transparency" (while advocating a 10 year untendered contract with a football team that won't reveal its books or studies) serve only to elevate sucking and blowing to an art form.

Sadly, it appears this event is nothing more than a shameless exploitation of the genuine loyalty of many to the political and economic advantage of few.

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