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By Andrea (registered) | Posted August 18, 2010 at 21:46:38

Based on what I read on facebook the rally has actually been moved to Gore Park. As of yet, the 'speakers' have not been listed. I found the facebook page to have many derogatory comments towards any WH supportors. Same old stuff; Bob is a hero, Bob is a philanthropist, Bob is entitled to make money, Bob has done wonders for this City. 'you people' are responsible for the demise of the Ticats, etc. Even the description of the event has a very negative and argumentative undertone to it. In my humble opinion the City council did show vision. Not at all intersted in this nonsense. I would much rather participate in something proactive and postive.

Have a rally to save the 'Cats by all means, but where are all the supportors on game day? How much do they really mean to the community if Ivor Wynne sits at 65% capacity?

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