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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted August 18, 2010 at 19:48:21

If this rally was clearly about saving the ti-cats and discussed things like ways to engage and work with the team now that city hall has made it's decision, ways to convince the ti-cats to come back to the bargaining table, showing them how much they mean to us, I would definitely be there, cash in hand.

However this rally seems to be about convincing city hall to revisit their decision and give the ti-cats an stadium somewhere other than the West Harbour, and that's simply not something I can support.

It's unfortunate that "Save the Ti-Cats" in this case seems to be synonymous with "No stadium on the west harbour". We've already played that game, and the city was split about 50/50. A stadium debate by any name will still have the same results. Unless the "save the ti-cats" discussion becomes more broad than "where does the stadium go" it's doomed to have the same split support.

Why not hold a campaign we can all get behind?

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