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By waterboy (anonymous) | Posted August 18, 2010 at 18:35:18

Maybe the following is better off in a new thread or blog entry. It could go on for 5 years.

I hope the Stadium is named for the City and people first, rather than referencing an individual or corporation.

We know it can be a quick million dollar pocket fee to the park or stadium owners but Corporate naming changes so often... quick... what is the Skydome now called?

The best name I ever came across was this old decrepit building in Rome. They simply called it the Colosseum. Apparently it had a lot of history through blood sweat and tears. Works for me. Madison Square Gardens is a great North American venue, aptly named, in my mind.

What do we call this new Hamilton Stadium? Can we generate a top ten list? No doubt a top ten worst list will also be created, especially by detractors so I'll open with the inevitable Hamilton Bob Young Brownfield.

How about; Hamilton City Stad or West Harbour Stadium or Hamilton Metro Calderon... let the masses decide.

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