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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted August 18, 2010 at 12:28:21

As I say, if it's WH I want to see the deal because Bob will have won, either way Fred is going to come out of this mess battered and bruised big time for reelection.

As someone with a long history in environmental groups or social justice organizations which rely on government funding, this type of thing infuriates me. After years of sugar-coating our messages and pulling our punches, seeing this kind of political assassination turns me red. Bob Young has received millions from taxpayers, millions more from fans, and still feels he's entitled to tens of millions in extra costs, the deciding vote about stadium location, a massive, profitable parking lot and the rights to build a supercentre next door? And he's willing to ruin the careers of half of council to get his way?

Cut him loose. End all taxpayer funding of the Cats and any hope of a spot at ANY stadium (including a renovated Ivor Wynn). Remodel the football hall of fame and give it to baseball, hockey, laccross, soccer or ping pong. And send a heartfelt letter from council to any other like them which might consider funding a purchase about exactly how Bob Young likes to do business.

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