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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted August 18, 2010 at 10:17:25

Shempanonymous I am not angry and have not spewed venom as you suggest nice try though. Is that a side affect of the WH kool-aid? Or is this just something you gutless I mean anonymous types just toss out there before bolting to hide behind your mommy's anonymous skirts. It is one or the other and this is the only and last time I will respond to a baseless comment from someone without the courage of their convictions. In regard to WH you said this "OUR GROUP as you like to call it is every single citizen of the City of Hamilton. This project was never about a money losing football team. It is about the city being able to leverage its Future Fund along with provincial and federal partnership the Pan Am games to build some legacy sporting infrastructure in this community, and begin long over due revitalization projects in our core." There is no margin for error and certainly none for diverse opinions its about the core only the core and nothing but the core. Woe to anyone not rigidly in lockstep. We had our evil capitalist straw man in Bob Young, that show is over. Maybe a few true believers are singing "we won" over that crock but that tired old wobbly anthem will not get a stadium built. Since you asked I lived in the core for 7 years and I would live there again. I have also lived on Beach Boulevard, East Hamilton and somewhat less East Hamilton, 35 years in all doing everything from steel plant labor to sales. I am in the core several times a week. I discuss issues and events with very diverse groups of people with wide ranges of opinion. I realize perhaps you have not sought such experience but instead have relied on the opinions of those you respect, warts and all. It was easy for me to inherit left wing political views I came by them honestly. It was more challenging and rewarding to go toe to toe with right way propenents. I came away changed; so did they. Try it some time it's good for you if it is not to late for you at 44. Yes I have read every post this is why I can say that there is an anti pro sport bias. Perhaps I should have qualified that but I thought it was obvious since you are supporting a WH sports facility. From the snide "they should walk anyway" remarks to the countless vilification of Bob Young, most posters here do not support the Ti-Cats or likely any other pro sports team. Talk is cheap people here want to appear balanced but no one translates that into Ti-Cat seasons tickets. One soul says he used to own them, another few say WE ARE NOT ANTI TI-CAT and go on to say they go to some games. Honestly now; did you pay full price for the tickets or were they freebees? I know lots of people who will go if the seats are free but that really isn't support. Frankly lots of the twaddle posted here is or seeks to appear as intellectual twaddle. Don't think I ever met a pointy head who was a pro sports fan. Nor an artist who was one either. I am sure there are some out there but it is a rare combination. You have my conclusion wrong. No stadium is going to be built anywhere in Hamilton without the cooperation of the Ti-Cats. There seems to be almost a scorched earth policy at work here at RTH. That being it is WH or NOTHING - ANYWHERE IN HAMILTON. You cannot support something like that and claim to be acting in the interest of the city as a whole. I find it ironic that IMHO you have adopted the moniker of the least original of all the stooges.

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