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By Jeffrey93 (registered) | Posted August 18, 2010 at 01:19:30

What do people want? Like Mayor Fred said...the City can pay for buildings for lots of businesses and the economy in Hamilton will be booming. The City would likely be forced to declare bankruptcy....but hey...they retained and generated new business!

People ask who will pay to expand the stadium to 25,000 plus....I wonder who was going to pay the additional $40M it would have cost to build on the East Mountain.

Doesn't sound like Bob Young wanted to pay for either...but demanded both.

Imagine if a company showed up at City Hall and said "We want to setup in Hamilton...we will create about 200 jobs, there will be some economic spinoff from our operations in the area surrounding our facility. Cool huh? The deal is though...for us to do have to build us a $130M building. I'm sure you won't have a problem with that, your taxpayers can pay for it."

How would that go over? That is what Bob Young is seeking. A handout from the City, Province and Federal governments so he will keep his business in town. I think he's going to keep it there anyway, but since he hasn't committed to move or stay...he can continue to threaten until he soaks all he can out of the city. Part of me can't blame him for this, but most of me feels he is holding the Tiger-Cats entire fan base as a hostage. As a fan...I don't appreciate being used like that.

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