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By JeffTessier (anonymous) | Posted August 17, 2010 at 21:04:51

Well, maybe. As HamiltonFan said, any deal with the Ti-Cats is going to be a pretty loaded thing. It's likely that Young will, as HamiltonFan said, demand the keys to the city, or even the keys to the stadium, and for council to negotiate reasonable terms they will have to risk another round of accusations that they're prepared to let the team leave. "The mayor says he wants us to stay, but he's not acting like it in the negotiations."

During the COW meeting when councillors were calling for city staff to reach out to Bob Young and get the Ti-Cats back to the table, I kept waiting for someone, anyone, to interject and propose that council be clear *now* about what terms are acceptable to the city. The mayor tried - he threw in a "sustainable for whom?" query while some councillors were just about running to the phones to call Young - but he was drowned out.

@cityfan, my father-in-law is mid-70's, lived in Hamilton his whole life. His take on this? "Go, Cats, go." As in, leave.

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