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By dsahota (registered) | Posted August 17, 2010 at 16:11:12

Thanks for responding. What about the overall material condition of the neighbourhood? Is this a run down area with many vacant buildings? If it is, this may be discouraging Bob Young from locating there.

There are several abandoned factories, but those factories are the proposed location of the stadium / adjacent parking so they would no longer be an issue if the stadium were built. Bayfront park is well kept up, the residential area nearby is mixed. When I walked down Hess towards bayfront last week there's a group of about 8 new houses with Corvettes, Mercedes and even a Rolls parked in the driveway, but then there's a lot more 50+ year old smaller residential buildings that are generally well kept up but some are more run down. Older 2 1/2 storey houses in the area would likely have gone for under $200k in the past, so low property values are one of the key impediments to people fixing up their houses. The less appealing parts of the area are a few local mixed industrial businesses (scrap metal, etc) and a large City Works yard on Barton.

So I guess in summary, its a mixed neighborhood that's seen some new money come in recently. Excluding the factories, its not full of vacant buildings, but there are a few residences that could use some love and some businesses that probably need to move to allow for a more appropriate (and higher valued) residential / commercial district around the stadium.

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