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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted August 17, 2010 at 09:07:01

@Chris Angel.

I said the city is the defacto anchor tenant. I didn't say I felt the city should be in the sports/entertainment facility management business. That is why they are in talks with Katz/AEG. Turning over management of those city owned facilities to people that do that AS THEIR CORE BUSINESS is something that should have been done a long time ago.

As for no fan interest or anti sport comments? Have you been actually reading the posts? or just skimming them? Did you actually participate in any of the town hall meetings across the city put on by David Adames and his staff working on the project looking for public input? I did. This entire project is about leaving a local sport facility legacy in the city WHERE MORE PEOPLE WILL BENEFIT FROM IT. It was clearly determined that this would be achieved by putting the stadium in the core. By the way when is the last time you have spent more than 10 minutes downtown? The venom you spew when speaking about those of us who live down here suggests a high degree of ignorance about what is actually going on in the heart of the city.

You're simplistic conclusions that if you're for the WH you're against the TiCats seem to be rooted in some misbegotten belief that there is a left wing conspiracy to run Bob Young out of town as the first step in a master plan to take over the city and begin the banning of the car, turning all of our roads into bike paths and handing out granola and tofu to everyone. Give your head a shake.

What are you so angry about? NO ONE HERE IS ANTI TIGER CAT. They are pro Hamilton. If you read the posts carefully, no one is disparaging the people who live on the east mountain or their neighbourhood. They are speaking out against a proposal that was quite frankly crap for the taxpayer. Its moot now anyway because its off the table. The Tiger Cats are not likely going anywhere protestations from Bob Young, Scott Mitchell and Mark Cohon aside. They have no where to go. If they are stupid enough to play this game of chicken to the end and actually do leave....they will look like the idiots because they will continue to bleed money. If the funding for the stadium gets pulled and Pan Am leaves as well? Oh well then we didn't spend 60 million of our future fund on a stadium, we can put to other developments and there has been enough interest in the WH area among developers thats something good will come of it. If we do build the stadium and the city concludes its agreement with Katz, even better.

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