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By brian (registered) | Posted August 17, 2010 at 07:28:40

I've been going to games since 1973 and im still dead against any stadium costing millons of dollars more at one site over another. There is no way big name acts would have ever come to hamilton if they didnt build copps and compared to what a stadium costs now the 42 million it cost to build in 1985 was worth it. Some events don't come to hamilton because of deals when a concert is playing in toronto ..another venue can't host the same concert during the same time within a certain distance of toronto. 7 of the 8 cfl stadiums in canada aren't making a profit either and most arenas in canada for that matter. You know what big damn deal a 15,000 seat stadium can't hold a cfl team and bob young doesn't have the money to make it a 25,000 seat stadium did you forget this chris angel??..even if everyone was onside...he doesnt have the extra 25-35 million to build it anyway... That stadium would be run at a loss whether he was there or not or do people need a slide rule to figure this out?. This is a outdoor stadium and 1/2 the year it will be empty as it is. He want's a 2nd tier soccer team that has lost 14 teams since 2005 and averages 4,000 people per game (with that number inflated by 2 teams). Anyone with half a brain will realize events could be taken away from copps to a new there wouldnt be much to gain that way. The other cfl stadiums prove you wont be making money i can't see it being any different in hamilton. This isn't a new thing this has been a 20 + year aren't making money at cfl stadiums..whether you have have events there or not...period. It has cost around 10 million dollars to keep ivor wynne going since he's owned the team. That doesn't include any upgrades the city put into it. He may have as much money as the entire city budget for an entire year...end of story...

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