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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 17, 2010 at 07:07:29

Based on the buzzwords and dearth of logic, this invitation sounds like it was written by that annoying hand-puppet Pyjama Mercanti. I'm sure he'll be there along with the likes of other windbags like Ron Foxcroft spouting their self-serving venom.

But what a bizarre location. Rather than schedule this in the heart of the City where people traditionally gather it's going to be in downtown of all places. Good luck with that! No one will be able to get there. Where will they park? They'll never be able to leave. Were there no vacant wheatfields available?

In any event, to assist in understanding the rhetoric that will undoubtedly be spewing at this think-tank, I've prepared a glossary of terms entitled "what they say and what they mean":

  • sustainable, economically viable = taxpayers fund it, I profit from it
  • compelling case = this benefits me, it's a good idea
  • start listening = Council doesn't agree with me
  • white elephant = anything that doesn't benefit me
  • the citizens of Hamilton are displeased = I don't like this
  • lack of transparency = this doesn't benefit me
  • lack of vision = this benefits others
  • better vision = something that benefits me not others
  • they don't get it = they don't agree with me
  • get it right = agree with me

Hope this helps

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