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By Hamiltonian (registered) | Posted August 17, 2010 at 02:22:31

My real issue, is where was all this from the Ticats prior to selecting the site back in February? As far back as July '07 when Hamilton/Toronto both said they were going after the games, the Ticats said they would make any site work. After Confederation was knocked out, and it was Downtown, West Harbour, and the Airport area, Bob Young said he didn't have any preference between the sites. There is even a video on the ticat site where Young says he will leave site selection up to Smarter people than him.

When the former premier asked where the Ticats were in all of this Young again said he'd have to wait for the city to choose a location before they would decide how much money they would commit to the project.

No, its not until May, a couple of months after the city had to gives its final selection to Hostco that the Ticats all of a sudden don't want to go to West Harbour.

I guess the other point in all this as has been mentioned is where is the other $50 million coming from to make the stadium 25k+ seats? If the city gives in and just builds a 15k seat Arena with their money + the fed/prov gov't share, will the cats be happy?

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