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By brian (registered) | Posted August 16, 2010 at 10:16:11

Can any of these supporters of the east mountain tell me of any other city in canada that would be willing to spend 80-100 million dollars more for a stadium within the same city...for someone worth maybe as much as that cities entire budget for a year??..only to break even?. There wouldn't be any city in canada willing to do that, it just make no financial sense at all. I could imagine what would happen if some city expressed interest in the ticats but the ticats decided on a location in that city which would cost them 80 million dollars more. Exactly how far do you think they would get when cfl teams generate so little money in actual dollars. It's just not worth it for a business that generates at most 10 million dollars a year. Most of the people involved with the team dont even live in hamilton and in a city with a gdp of 10 billion plus..its peanuts. Most of the people from outside hamilton drive in go to the game and go home..some might spend at restuarant/bars but it wouldnt amount to much at all. Maybe some hotel might see a spike gameday for tsn, cfl officials and the other team but you are still talking 10 days a year. In fact years ago the away teams use to stay at the holiday in burlington..i'm not sure if that is still true. Bottom line is there might be a emotional/identity loss if the ticats leave but that doesn't justify spending 80 million or more to keep them for one location or another. I don't care if locations were reversed..its just plain nuts.

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