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By wow (anonymous) | Posted August 15, 2010 at 23:43:43

I guess I still don't get the WH argument. I'm trying to see it but...if it means that the Tiger-Cats will continue to lose money, why would they want to relocate there? Bob Young could continue to pour money into the team every year until he dies and then which philanthropist would continue to keep the team going after that?

I think everyone would agree with that. My understanding is that either WH folks don't believe that he would still lose money (or believe that there must be a solution to his problem as well...something can be worked out at that location), don't care if they still lose money(city first...I can understand that to a certain degree...but I think the Ticats are a huge positive brand associated with the city), or simply believe that the Tiger-cats assessment of the WH site is wrong.

I'd like to believe the former, but I'm not sure I think anything can be done to make it work for the team. two cents!!

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