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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted August 15, 2010 at 13:59:08

I'd actually be interested in what any given person's profile of the ideal frequenter of the downtown should look like, and how closely it resembles him- or herself.

I think that you've asked a leading - even a misleading - question, Michelle. (Hi, Michelle :)

I agree with gj/gh that part of Hamilton's image problem is the seeming majority of unpleasant people: scowling toughs, scootering masses, shuffling messes. And I think that Hamilton's image and Hamilton's prospects would improve if there were more people who were ... well, nice looking.

But I don't want to see one kind of nice. Not even just my kind of tweedy-wooly nice. I want to see everybody ... suits and dresses, leather and studs, old Portuguese men in nice hats and cooler-than-thou hepsters (probably wearing the same hats), old ladies in black and young girls wearing too much makeup and too few clothes, college students and university students and high-school students of every description. Even suburbanites in Ti-Cats t-shirts and fanny packs, and - why not? - even suburbanites in polo shirts and pressed Dockers.

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