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By d.knox (registered) | Posted August 15, 2010 at 13:55:33

Michelle: I think the main point to consider is not the ideal, but the aggregate. We don't need a Stepford Hamilton downtown - all shiny and antiseptically beautiful. That's why people go to Disneyland for vacations.

But, there needs to be a mix to make things attractive and appealing. I think this point has been gone over many times, and sort of spirals into a chicken and egg thing. We want to draw people to the downtown, so we need a great downtown, but how can we get one if many people don't want to go there...and around we go.

Well-dressed people can be shits, the down-trodden are not criminals, speculating real-estate types who let their properties deteriorate need to be sanctioned and stopped. Everyone deserves their place in the sun. Yes.

But the downtown is an aesthetic blight and right now it needs help. I go downtown, on my bike. I shop downtown for some things, including groceries. And it's depressing. But no need to go over all these arguments again. Good things are happening, more are in the offing. And when the downtown becomes an attraction, there will be more of everyone and less impulse to say "Only in Hamilton", which btw, isn't something I've actually heard. "Ah, the Hammer", yes, but not "only" the Hammer.

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