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By gj (anonymous) | Posted August 15, 2010 at 12:00:22

It's dismissive to simply say, "Well, Toronto and Vancouver have homeless people and crackheads, too." The problem in Hamilton is the incredibly obvious imbalance between individuals who suffer from poverty, drug use,and scooter reliance and those who do not. Yes, of course other major urban areas have undesirables and "unique" individuals in their urban core. However, for every "down-and-outter," there are hundreds, thousands of middle class and upper-middle class individuals who frequent the cores of major urban centres on a regular basis for work, play, and living. One simply cannot argue that you come across the same socio-economic imbalance in other cities (NYC, Toronto, Vancouver, etc.) that is experienced in downtown Hamilton. Unfortunately, living in Hamilton's core is still not an option for most young professional's who favour places like Binbrook (for whatever reason), and downtown is still a scary place for surburanites who would rather rush home after work than enjoy a drink on a patio or shop on King West. Until there is more of a balance in the core regarding socio-economic status, this city (or, more accurately, its downtown core) will always fit the phrase, "Only in Hamilton." I live downtown, by the way, and I wish many others shared my love for it.

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