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By Hunter (anonymous) | Posted August 15, 2010 at 07:35:23

It's not 'only in hamilton'. Every big city has this situation. I was in Ottawa on business and the market district has way more panhandlers than dt Hamilton. I lived in a desirable area of dt Toronto for 5 years and was grabbed twice by transients and was threatened way more than here.

I think Hamilton gets a bad rap from all the 'townies' that surround it and have never seen a city before. But then again, as mentioned above, other dt's have more to offer in terms of shopping and entertainment. LRT will go miles to improve this situation in Hamilton. The Eaton Centre is Toronto's #1 tourist attraction. Hands up who drives there...

The one thing I have noticed that is 'only in hamilton' is something I call the 'hamilton special'. This is a car that is 20 feet long, 20 years old, and has 20 visible defects. You really don't see these beasts much outside of the Hammer :) There goes a special...

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