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By brian (registered) | Posted August 14, 2010 at 23:43:49

I'm glad someone contacted TSN..that was just absolutely one sided. If you are going to conduct a interview than get all the facts and get the other side or else just shut your yap and call the game. I could be wrong but i don't think the province has any choice but to take that location. No matter else where they put it now it will be a 15,000 seat stadium. If the real reason they picked hamilton as site is because of the ticats than they should have funded to build a 25,000 seat stadium. I just can't see other cities rushing to the gate to get this stadium. for 2 weeks of soccer..when they need atleast $60 million and it has to be decided right away. There isn't going to be another MLS team in the toronto market either. Only a CFL or maybe an MLS team can be viable in southern ontario market and that is a stetch. There hasn't been any canandian cities come knocking on the CFL doors the last 10 years (minus ottawa for the 3rd time). No other place has a suitable stadium and the toronto area couldnt sustain 2 cfl teams in the long run. The pan-am stadium was designed as a 15,000 seat stadium no matter where it was to be and if hamilton didn't get selected...there wouldnt have been a major tenant in it anyway. The lease the ticats have is up at the end of 2011..the one they pay basically nothing for i mean. He can't fold the team..cause the league can't exist with 7 teams. Ottawa is paying 7 million for an expansion team..and no matter where else a team goes they will have to pay that. The other owners probably wont accept a team move without some kinda deal because they could lose 1 million dollars each, without that expansion fee. If he can't find a place to go for the 2012 season..he's stuck where he is and there isn't much he can do.

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