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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted August 14, 2010 at 09:07:22

The Ti-Cats are a proven money-loser. Bob Young knew that when he bought them. Owning something doesn't guarantee you a profit at public expense any more than running up a debt on your credit card entitles you to a government bailout. He knew what he was getting into, and that there was no guarantee the region was just going to cough of the cash for a stadium megadevelopment of his choice.

The sense of entitlement here is amazing. If he wants to take his team to a town where 1/3 of it will have to turn out to fill the stadium, he can go ahead. Let it be a lesson to all who would try this in the future: we'll hold you to empty, pointless and hurtful threats.

Nearly everywhere else in the world, "football" refers to what we know as soccer. If this madness keeps up, that will soon be true here as well.

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