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By brian (registered) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 19:09:14

Well the parking thing still has me baffled at the size and i dont care what the hell you put there. Limeridge mall has parking for around 4,000 cars and it holds over 200 stores. Nothing could fill that parking lot enough to justify the size. 99% of the time it would be practically empty. In fact it is one of the oddest things i have ever heard someone contemplating. I just think he has no idea how to run a team, winning 30% of your games in 7 years and some of the decisions made have shown this. The only place that any stadium or owner wants you hanging around is the stadium itself, concessions etc.. but i agree about that mercanti's all about dollar signs to him.. Another strange thing in this is the montreal team...and not just that it is a downtown stadium. They recently added 5,000 seats to make it a 25,000 seat stadium and its still selling out. What i find interesting is we always hear how sucessful they are and how great things are and all is well. That stadium had capacity of 20,000 seats and the entire time bob young owned the ticats, hamilton had a higher ave attendance (until this recent upgrade). The montreal owner purchased that team in 1996 and i can only imagine how much he has lost in 14 years. He has been amazingly patient to wait all that time to get an expansion in seating with no prospect of a new stadium at this time. That stadium is also older than ivor wynne and its working in a downtown area because the owner and people around him know how to operate a franchise. Somebody mentioned bob young was going to make an annoucement at half time of friday game. I just think he is going to state his position again. Of course the cfl and the announcers will do their best to slag hamilton...despite the fact they don't have all the true facts. The cfl doesn't care about hamilton they just know they can't lose another team...they dont care and have shown this with the idiot commissioner saying if hamilton loses the team..they wont get one back. When hamilton went after the commonwealth games and our chance of a much needed new stadium..the cfl sided with halifax in the chance of landing a franchise there. Halifax lost the commonwealth games..backed out and hamilton is still in this posistion....thank you cfl.

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