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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 16:43:44

Large Cat eats up large percentage of Hamilton media!

The Mountain News etc. wants to carry on the 'Pity Party' into the next decade.

I absolutely agree that you must revere, remember & thank people who have contributed, donated, & given of themselves for the benefit of the community, but that doesn't mean that we must acquiesce to their every whim, their descendant's wants, their in-law's choices, their friend's desires & their relatives grievances several generations later.

It's just amazing how much people haven't learned. If an business person or developer comes to Hamilton with good ideas & money to invest, what is he/she going to think if surrounded by 1000's of toes that must never be stepped on? Before they do some studies,& refine their business plan, they have to research Who's Who in the GHA, Who was Who in the past, Who's related to Who by money, political, religious, marital, & social affiliations. Who is sacrosanct,& who may never be approached with a proper 'connection'.

(In short -'knowing what to kiss & when'.)

'Can't think of a better way to drive potential investors & new ideas away, but I suppose it leaves all the more for The Usual People, & more Same Old Same Old for the rest of us.

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