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By brian (registered) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 13:32:48

I did some checking at the edmonton stadium and the website says there is no public parking at the stadium. With a game day ticket you get free bus/lrt ride to stadium. Not only that with the game ticket you get free parking at the bus/lrt parking lots (six of them). To me that would save minimum $20 per vechicle. That is a sound business decision doing this. You save that $20 or more and already have enough savings for one ticket. If the cats had parking where they wanted they would have charge $15-20. This parking thing has to be some i'll advised imformation bob young is getting and for some reason he is buying it. He acts like it absolutely can't work there and i think its from these so called experts that haven't given him the full story. Bob bratina mentioned about covering a certain amount of tickets if it doesnt reach a certain level (let's say 25,000). He already mentioned for the east mountain location he would cover expenses for 10 yrs...well why doesn't the city go to him and say they will cover the expenses for 10 years..why isnt this even mentioned. The current stadium cost the city 1.3 million per year and the cats basically pay no rent, well keep that in place. If ivor wynne gets torn down that lot will be sold...and you will easily gain that money back in taxes etc... This figure he quoted of losing 7 million for the harbor location is also...a stretch. I checked both edmontons and winnipegs operating expenses and both were in the $14.7 million range..In the case of the winnipeg one around 2.7 million was cost of mananaging the stadium.(and receiving concert money etc)...the ticats don't do that. That got me down to a figure of 12 million to operate the hamilton team. Of course we don't know the actual figure...its secret but it has to be a around the 12-13 million range. They certainly are losing money but how much really. The winnipeg statement says they got 1.8 milion for the cfl. If you go 10 games (including pre season) at 22,000 per game...220,000 x ave of say $35 per ticket that's 7.7 million....So from ticket sales and the league thats 9.5 million..when you factor in advertising/concessions/radio/sponshership..that has to be probably 1.5 take it to 11 million...The $30 million he quoted into putting into the a loss plus the exense of putting in scoreboard etc. The "true" loss per year is unknown...but he did say the harbor would be no worse than the current im not sure where he got the 7 million figure. Operating hecfi is costing the city millions. Well if the katz people take save that money..than protect ticat loses with those savings. If there is a will something remotely close to that could happen.

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