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By jason (registered) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 12:20:36

I have a hard time with the teams proposal to make all their funding conditional on the city helping to acquire over 100 acres of land so they can build a big box complex.

Furthermore, it was revealed the other day that they aren't putting ANY money into construction even with the city's help finding 100 acres The Cats were going to apply to the Ontario government for that $15 million they 'offered'.

Furthermore, keep in mind that in Pittsburgh, both stadiums share a 6,000 space parking lot (for over 110,000 seats in the two stadiums combined) and virtually the entire lot is pre-sold and is not available for casual fans showing up to the game. Both the Pirates and Steelers recommend that fans park downtown and walk over the bridges or take one of many shuttle buses to the game.

Using Pittsburghs formula, our 30,000 seat stadium would need roughly 1,500 parking spaces. No problem.

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