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By JimmyS (registered) | Posted August 12, 2010 at 23:31:48

'for some reason'??

It's simple.

Today after they had this show full of hate for council and tons of misinformation, it was near the top of the hour so they went to commercial break. The first commercial was a TiCat commercial and how CHML is the voice of the Cats etc.....

they have no choice. Go read some of the facebook and twitter comments of some of their "news" anchors - Ted Michaels etc.... just ripping apart city council and the WH stadium.

They talk about these "10 sites" as if they've seen the report themselves. News Flash time for CHML - there is NO report (or at least not one with damaging info). If there was, we'd have all seen it by now.

Still, call in and do your bit to educate the listeners as jason suggests. some of them truly are wanting to learn about this whole thing.

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