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By jason (registered) | Posted August 12, 2010 at 23:01:17

don't relax too much. The pressure is mounting in a HUGE way from the old boys club. They can't believe that the city might actually do something that is right for Hamilton after 30+ years of getting everything they demand. There are too few businessmen like Mark Chamberlain in this city. Tune into CHML and even though it's painful to listen to, keep calling, keep bringing FACTS to their UNFACTUAL discussions and keep contacting council and the TiCats.
CHML has made it very clear that they will let these guys have their own personal radio station to call and make stuff up. I heard an interview today with one of the old guys on the east mountain and I'm not sure if a single word out of his mouth was true.
They are going to really crank up the pressure on council - today's vote was our first indication.

Our City, Our Future needs to keep being organized and mobilized until we're sitting in a WH stadium surrounded by condo tower cranes.

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