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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 12, 2010 at 10:08:23

From a previous post on a similar subject......

I've got an idea. Why don't we start a monthly contest entitled "I said it, but I can't back it up"

My nominations are:

Ron Foxcroft - they don't get it, they can't see it - (while attempting to get a public park adjacent to hi$ bu$ine$$, not his home, it's in Burlington, considered for a new stadium)

P.J. Mercanti - east mountain supporters were absent because they have jobs - (after failing to convince Council to use public money to boost his business and take land adjacent to his (Daddy's) operation off the market for potential competitors)

John Dolbec - Hamilton Council is being seen as the gang that can't shoot straight - (after one of Council's few nearly unanimous votes on a very controversial issue, the grand poobah of the Chamber of Commerce seemed unable to say anything positive about a bold new direction already embraced by progressive cities across North America and, instead, pissed all over the Chamber's longsuffering downtown members. He reminds me of Columbo; a rumpled suit that just won't shut up....or go away)

Brad Clark - Everyone here is laughing at Hamilton -(while he was abdicating his responsibility to represent his constituents and attending a Micheal Buble concert at the ACC which, of course, is downtown with no parking. Buble, apparently, was frustrated with the fact that while he was doing his best to sing, the large crowd that had paid hundreds of dollars per seat was discussing events in Hamilton and then laughing uproariously. You may have noticed that large attractions such as concerts and Argo's and Jay's games are where people in Toronto go to both discuss Hamilton and have a laugh)

Let the enties flow. First prize - Season Tickets at the West harbour

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