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By waterboy (anonymous) | Posted August 10, 2010 at 00:15:44

Pxtl commented back on July 29th about the velodromes legacy; it will be a cycling training and competition centre firstly but not neccessarily exclusively.

Hamilton is central to a population base of 5 million people within 50 mile radius. Outside of the BC's Okanagan and areas between Quebecs Laurentians and Eastern Townships there is no better cycling than here. They are out there. Every weekend there are thousands of recreational cyclists in the Golden Horsehoe countryside alone.

A veledrome for on track competition would certainly peak the couriosty of many of weekend warriors if not spark more competitive interest. The base from which to draw future athletes into cycling is enomorous! Given Hamiltons multicultured background where cycling has been a passion for some of those European ethinic communities for a century now those potential kids are gonna see some crazy stuff on a superelevation. And if you've never seen scratch or elimination races, here is a chance.

Better yet maybe the Ontario gaming people ought to consider Keirin style racing. A first in this country. That would make the place self sustaining but unseedy interests may like it too. Hamilton does have an `underworld' belly which ain't to far from the betting tracks. Whoaaa now... too crazy a thought. It's about the sport and pushing the human body into new frontiers.

Still, a velodrome can be multipuropose. Some European tracks like one in San Sebastian Spain are designed to accomodate indoor track and field. The annual Indoor Highlander games could certinaly use a new home. Even the occassional concert, cultural or conference activity can be had in a really cool and unique environment.

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