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By Brian S. (anonymous) | Posted August 09, 2010 at 16:52:09

Mr.Mayor and City Council. Tommorow you make a very important decision for the city of Hamilton. I do not envy you're position, as there will be people upset no matter what is decided. I urge you to vote for the west harbour. I have been to other cities where the stadium is not in the core, and it's terrible. I am a lifelong ti-cat fan and season ticket holder, but am truly appalled at the blackmail tactics of Mr. Young, Mr Mitcell, and Mark Cohon. I let the ti-cats no my position, and it took a second letter to get a response,and even then they didn't want to address their bullying tactics, they wanted me to go to the east mountain website. They profess to speak for ti-cat fans saying that parking is the major issue. I have been a season ticket holder for 30 years and they have my e-mail address but i have never been contacted for my opinion. They Do NOT speak for me. Parking for the west harbour will not be an issue. It will be similar to Ivor Wynne. With parking all around, there is very little traffic congestion, as people are dispersing in all different directions. This is not true in a massive parking lot. When i was at Mohawk racetrack for their May 24 fireworks night it took more than 2 hours to clear the parking lot. Mowhawk had police officers directing traffic at the exits, and about 50 workers directing within the parking lot, so unless the ti-cats have 15 or so exits, it will take forever to get out of there. It's all about charging $30-$40 to park. Talk about you're driveway to driveway experience. I hope that you will choose WEST HARBOUR or refurbish Ivor Wynne. Do not give in to the blackmail!!!!

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