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By jason (registered) | Posted August 09, 2010 at 13:30:22

Don't forget our provincial and federal reps!! My letter to David Sweet:

Dear Mr. Sweet,

I live in the west end of downtown Hamilton near the proposed site of our Pan Am Stadium and I would like to voice my support for Hamilton's plans for cleaning up our west harbour lands with the available monies directed to us via the Pan Am games. The Pan Am opportunity was to leave us with a lasting legacy. A massive parking lot that allows a small business owner to make up some of his losses due to a horrible product is not my idea of a great legacy. Cleaning up a toxic brownfield and opening up some of our most precious land to new condo, hotel, restaurant, parkland and business development IS a great legacy. We don't need the TiCats to play at West Harbour in order to gain a legacy out of this project. Various groups have mentioned the possibility of landing a soccer team for Hamilton's West Harbour stadium and we will see much use at the stadium through concerts, community events, world championships, soccer tournaments etc..... 8 Ticat games (which will ALL need to be subsidized by taxpayers anyhow) should not be considered the only legacy worth obtaining. I strongly urge you to support Hamilton City Council and their plans (which the people of Hamilton have long waited for) to breathe life back into this toxic area of our downtown.

I am a lifelong Ticat fan who will not be returning to their product should they succeed in hijacking this public process and public money. Furthermore, I will vote in each of our upcoming elections based on the outcome of this issue. I voted for you in the last election and urge you to support your community and the people who you serve. Political interference will guarantee the loss of my vote in the next election. On the contrary, a strong show of support by you and your government in the face of some provincial backroom dealing will earn you my vote.

Hamilton's leaders are poised to make a great decision for our future. Please support them.


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