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By Tybalt (on the road) (anonymous) | Posted August 09, 2010 at 11:17:07

Esteemed Sirs and Mesdames,

I have already spoken to or e-mailed most of you individually about this, but I thought I would reiterate my views and concerns a last time ahead of Tuesday's vote. I will keep my comments very brief.

I think, given the importance of this issue for the city's future, that a vote in favour of building a stadium at the West Harbour is the only feasible choice.

Obviously, the city staff's recommendations and the arguments presented at and elsewhere have been important. Even more important, the Board of Governors of the Future Fund have been clear that they, as trustees and stewards of this crucial nest egg, do not see an East Mountain stadium as in the best interests of Future Fund expenditures. That in and of itself MUST be determinative of the city's actions here.

I have a strong belief that the city's vote will be the determining factor behind the eventual acquiescence and participation of Pan Am 2015 Hostco, the Tiger-Cats, and the federal and provincial governments in a successful project to put a permanent stadium at the West Harbour site, along with the necessary transit and infrastructure investments necessary to make it a success. The city is making the biggest contribution here, and you cannot allow the tail to wag the dog on an issue as central to the future of the lower city as this. We have seen a lot of private interests - especially non-Hamilton residents - get involved at the last minute, seeking to extract private profit from this crucial public enterprise. Don't let them scam you.

Vote with the entire city's best interests on Tuesday! Please - vote West Harbour!

Sincerely and with thanks,

(Haddon Avenue)

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