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By bigguy1231 (registered) | Posted August 08, 2010 at 15:37:05


If your so dissatisfied with the mayor and council why don't you run.


I almost forgot you did run, what 8 or 10 times wasn't it. If you added up all the votes you got in all of those elections, would you have enough to win even one election. Didn't you run for mayor and get less votes than Baldasaro.

Before you profess to speak for anyone, think about how badly you did in those elections. Based on the results of those elections I think we can safely assume that your views are not those of the main stream or majority of Hamiltonians.

Edit: Just to add, I do respect the fact that you had the courage of your convictions to run for office and I appreciate that you do try to contribute to this community. Thats all the people here are trying to do as well.

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