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By Mark-Alan Whittle (anonymous) | Posted August 08, 2010 at 14:33:12

When it comes to mocking tones, Raise the Hammer are not slouches, that's for sure. If the city hall brain trust wants to build a 15,000 seat stadium down there with no paying users, I could care less as the Mayor promised the public taxes would not be raised to carry it. I take the Mayor at his word. Ivor Wynne will still be open for business, and the taxpayers will continue to subsidize the stadium, we own it. Ian Troop is waiting for Fred's west harbour business plan that has to be approved by Hostco. Unfortunately, he doesn't have one, but demands one from the Tiger-Cats, pure self-serving spin, that is. That stadium report said the west harbour is not viable without paying users. You can demonize Troop all you want, he will make the best decision for the Pan-Am games after Tuesday's vote. If Hamilton is left out in the cold, who will Raise the Hammer blame for that boondoggle? Everybody but Mayor Fred, your hero, who fought the good fight and lost? The whole point and spirit of the games has been lost in ther fog of the stadium war. No wonder businesses won't locate here, look what kind of council they have to deal with? Hamilton councillors dream big, and never deliver. Bummer, that is.

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