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By adrian (registered) | Posted August 08, 2010 at 13:33:29

To claim this flip-flopping by local Liberals was caused by your group is laughable, but quite entertaining.

When I wrote "we spoke up" I think it was obvious to most people that I was referring to the scores - probably hundreds, perhaps even thousands - of outraged Hamiltonians who spoke up when it appeared that federal and provincial governments were interfering in our local democratic process.

If the federal government didn't flip-flop in 24 hours because of massive public outrage, then what do you suppose caused it? Because anyone with a grain of political sense can see what happened here. They put out a trial balloon and it attracted a hornet's nest.

Of course, the 3200+ people who are now signatories to our resolution on, are nothing to mock either. That's well over three thousand people who think you're dead wrong on this. The opinions of three thousand passionate, articulate and involved citizens may be "laughable" to you, but I assure you, many elected representatives have taken note of a grassroots campaign that is likely without precedent in Hamilton's history.

Let the down-voting begin, it's how this organization treats poster with an oppposing view no matter how sound and factual it is.

Two points to consider here. First, you write comments with a mocking tone and you disparage the people who write for and comment on this website, so surely you expect a downvote or two.

Second, with around two thousand unique visitors a day, literally hundreds of readers per day are seeing your comment and letting it go without a downvote, in spite of the insulting tone. So don't be so sensitive. It's only the most blatant trolling that gets buried under a heap of downvotes.

Fred intended to hide this mess under a stadium, instead of spending $36 million to remove all the contaminated soil and replace it with clean fill from other projects being built in and around Hamilton.

So you'd prefer that we take all of the contaminated soil and put it...where? In whose backyard should we deposit it? The modern architectural approach with contaminated soil is to fold it back into its new use, locking it away and sealing it. This is a good approach for large civic projects, but does not work nearly as well for residential.

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