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By Mark-Alan Whittle (anonymous) | Posted August 08, 2010 at 12:55:46

According to the cities own report the Rheem site is contaminated with coal-tar wastes from a coal gassification plant and a former roofing material amnufacturer. In order to put a park there, the entire site needs to be capped with cement and vented. Fred intended to hide this mess under a stadium, instead of spending $36 million to remove all the contaminated soil and replace it with clean fill from other projects being built in and around Hamilton. No wonder the feds are worried. Hamilton still hasn't got on with remediating and capping Randall Reef. I guess when Raise the Hammer staff read this report, they missed page 54 out of the 243 page report. No development can happen there without soil remediation. No developer will take that risk. The site has to be shovel ready, and the west harbour will never be in time to host the Pan-Am games. Fred tried to pull a fast one, and got caught. As to the west end rally, here's a link to the story I quoted the attendance from. I guess they are liars to, according to posters here.
“I haven’t backed down and I won’t back down,” Eisenberger told a cheering pro-west harbour crowd of about 350 people along the street and jammed into patio bars.

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