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By Jeffrey93 (registered) | Posted August 08, 2010 at 04:32:50

We're back in the game folks! Hamilton may just yet get a nice stadium near downtown to enjoy for decades to come!!!

It appears to me....that Bob Young went other levels of government....he got a bite. The Spec reported it....but the line snapped!

The stadium location is once again in the hands of Hamilton. And the best place for both Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats for the long term is the West Harbour.

Hopefully this little snag doesn't scare too many councillors.

We all know where the best site's common sense. Can Detroit prove that bringing the Lions back from Pontiac to the downtown has created a spinoff effect? Probably not....but if you have attended a Lions game (I pity you) you would see it with your own eyes. People walking around downtown that otherwise wouldn't be.

I'm still confident the smarter heads will prevail. The West Harbour is the best choice. But, if it fails to meet council approval...I'm fine with that too. The system ran its course...and the decision was made.

Really ....I just want a stadium built. Period.

So whatever happens between now and the 10th (or 12th as some places have reported) I'm fine with that.

I'd rather go to a stadium I look forward to going to though.....not one that is hugging a highway. If I'm going to a game...I want an experience...not a tour of local highways.

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