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By F. Ward Cleat (anonymous) | Posted August 08, 2010 at 02:46:29

'the facility must be used for high performance athletics after the games.' Pretty ambiguous statement. I don't read 'Legacy Tenant' anywhere in the Feds press release. Further 'a CFL Team is acceptable.' I don't see where it's required. Hamilton made a commitment to the PanAm games to build a 15,000 seat 'Track and Field' stadium at the West Harbour site. August 12th Hamilton needs to reaffirm that commitment. There are plenty 'High Performance Athletic Events' that a high quality stadium could attract. Professional Soccer, CIS Football Championship, CIS Track and Field, Canadian Track and Field, Lacrosse, Rugby, High School Football and the list goes on. Beyond August 12th we can continue to negotiate with the Ti-Cats and start to negotiate with Athletics Canada (Track and Field Governing Body). Athletics Canada was concerned the Track and Field components of the facility would be removed we have to assure them that they won't. Maybe they would be satisfied if the warm-up track was converted to a full-time training facility with appropriate seating for events. If so that might lead Mac University to create a sports medicine component....."I know, I'm getting a little carried away," but aren't these some of the elements that existed before the politics took over. For whatever reason HostCo tried to paint Hamilton into a corner, well now that the paint has dried we should put HostCo to the test. August 12th we need to reaffirm our original commitment to the 'WEST HARBOUR' site.

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