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By Jeffrey93 (registered) | Posted August 07, 2010 at 02:53:44


Hamilton City tax rate (with transit) = 1.538147% Hamilton City tax rate (no transit) = 1.452408%

London = 1.504425% Sarnia = 1.566474% Oshawa = 1.756299% Niagara Falls = 1.450953% Sudbury = 1.354977%

Hamilton seems in line with quite a few cities in Ontario. If it is on the high end of 'normal''s probably because tax revenue in the city is down. Something the East Mountain stadium is going to guarantee continues to happen. No re-vamped West Harbour with more foot traffic in the area...higher property values and more tax revenue. Just a less taxed stadium than if the East Mountain had developed on its own.

So....if you're ticked at the tax rates in Hamilton (even though they are comparable to many cities in Ontario) you can thank the Tiger-Cats for insisting and pushing your Provincial and Federal governments to shove this location down Hamilton's throat.

It will cost more...less tax revenue will be generated by the still needs to be spent on fixing up the West Harbour....road construction on the East Mountain that wasn't budgeted to be completed for another 10 years will need to be done right quickly......

If your taxes go up....Thank Bob Young, Dalton McGuinty and Stephen Harper (or your local MP & MPP). Don't blame a Mayor that tried to avoid this for the betterment of the city. Mayor Fred would have had this stadium built in an area that would have increased tax revenue in that area...allowed higher tax on the East Mountain development (that would have happened), upgraded the roads near the East Mountain when they were due....and paid less for the stadium/land overall.

How you blame the Mayor for this is beyond me. He did every last thing he could to avoid this.

Oh...and cancelling things like the LRT isn't going to draw business would keep it away.

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