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By damonallan (registered) | Posted August 06, 2010 at 22:52:36

So should the city just sit back and just shrug its shoulders? One of the most interesting things that has been pointed out to me was that of those that attended the GoEastMountain rally, most were older adults. I was not there and cannot comment personally but I did see some pictures of the event. The support for the West Harbour is broad but there is a real core and the heart of it comes from the younger generation. What does that tell you?

The feds and the province need to be sent a message of our displeasure. Don't stop - keep up the good fight. I moved to the lower city 3 years ago and I remained a changed man. I learned much from my girlfriend who moved here from Toronto and started up a gallery near Ivor Wynne. She kept on telling me that people from Hamilton have a soul and that we are so nice. Most of her exposure came from those living in the lower city. After 31 years of living on the mountain, I see it for myself now.

I believe that this debate away from the lower city and downtown has to do with a lack of social conscious and the greater scope of the sure impact that the WH site would have. One of my friends remarked that if my business was near the East Mountain, then I would want it there too. I said that I wouldn't because it is not what is best for the city that I love.

This fight is not over and will not be over for some time. The one good thing that has come out of this is that the passion of Hamiltonians has become evident. It is so great to see.

Keep on fighting for Hamilton!

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