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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 06, 2010 at 22:44:02

"The problem with calling Ted McMeekin is that his seat is a given. It used to be Tory, until amalgamation. No one will ever vote Tory here for a very very long time. There is no threat of not being elected next time. (sadly!)

A..aand, this area supported L.D. heavily last time around. (The candidate that would not commit to supporting a stadium location."

Actually, A.D,F,W and it's predeceasors has leaned Conservative provincially more than not since the '50's and has been a bellweather since the mid '80's electing members from the governing party each time with the exception of by-elections. Federally it's probably been about 50/50

Larry DiIanni may well have won Ancaster and Dundas but I think, if you check, he lost Flamborough by enough votes to lose the whole election.

Consequently, the person most responsible for DiIanni's defeat, above and beyond his own conviction for election "cheating", was former Ward 14 (western Flamborough) Councillor Dave Braden whose publicly stated intention in withdrawing from the Mayor's race was to ensure there was no split in the vote. Given that Braden would have done well in his home town, that prescient decision, cost DiIanni the mayor's chair.

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