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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 06, 2010 at 21:51:41

This should be an affront to every citizen and member of Council regardless of which location he or she prefers. The federal Conservatives, in dishonestly going back on their word, have denied Hamiltonians the right to shape their own destiny AND to see how their elected representatives would vote. Clearly, the numbers had been counted, the groundswell of public support for the West Harbour was going to bear fruit and Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats had been seen for what they are. But this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Conservative governments never help regular people but regular people keep voting them in. Did anyone think that Bob Young's family was card-carrying NDP? Did anyone think that Senator Braley, the largest stakeholder in the CFL, would sit back and let this happen? And what about Ted McMeekin, Sophia Aggelonitis and the Provincial Liberals? Normally, they can't agree with the feds on whether or not the sun will come up tomorrow. But there they were, late on a summer Friday, meekly referring to a federal decision that no one seems to have seen and for which there has been no stated rationale. Where was their righteous indignation? Perhaps they think this will look bad on Mayor Fred Eisenberger and will help their boy DiIanni (you know, the guy who's running on a "leadership" platform but wouldn't take a side on this issue).

Let's not forget, however, that, in the end, City Councillors still control what happens here. They can vote for the West Harbour and they don't have to allow one red cent of taxpayers' money (from the regular budget or the future fund) to go into Bob Young's pocket. They don't have to take ownership of the stadium and could let it pay taxes like regular people do, nor do they have to make any road or drainage improvements to accomodate it. If this means that Hamilton doesn't get any Federal or Provincial funding, it simply doesn't matter. We're not getting it anyway. Bob Young is!

An east mountain stadium will only further suck the life out of our downtown, increase our taxes and be an environmental disaster, regardless of who's paying for it. In real, net dollars, it would be far more beneficial for taxpayers if Councillors react to this patronizing insult to all Hamiltonians, especially them, by having the courage to simply turn down the little that's left of the Pan-American games, call Bob Young's bluff and invest our millions in the West Harbour and on our long-suffering downtown where, in a nutshell, it will benefit more people in more ways. No platitudes, no whining of "what else could we do?" Just stand up!

Members of Council who have the courage stand up to the Federal and Provincial governments and to the threats and bullying of the likes of Bob Young deserve your support and your vote.

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