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By marc (registered) | Posted August 06, 2010 at 20:59:11

Let's all rally to have no stadium, screw the Ticats. They don't deserve a new stadium with our local money. They've sucked community funds long enough. They never had any intention to leave Hamilton and their empty threats to leave if the stadium went to the WH backfired on them. It only created more support for the west harbour. The CFL needs the team in Hamilton as they don't have anywhere to go, you can't have a league with 7 teams. So in order to save face they run to the feds like children and get them involved in our issue. Well too bad for you Ticats, no one wants the Stadium in the EM and I think the consensus is no stadium instead. As for the Fed's and the province, your disgraceful last minute effort the save the interests of your wealthy friends will cost you. No one will forget your "community decide" democratic approach and then the rush to save the CFL from collapsing as they can't afford to shrink anymore. Well done...say no to the stadium. Let's build our community.

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