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By brian (registered) | Posted August 06, 2010 at 20:02:18

Don't people realize the stadium is still short 25 million (for a 25 thousand seat stadium) and nobody has stated where the money is coming from?. Not only that in the long term 25,000 seats may not be enough and will have to be upgraded further. If this stadium is going to cost 40 million more (or whatever number it is)..compared to the harbor than the city should flatly reject using any money for a pan-am stadium. If they have any guts they will say no and tell the province and bob young to talk a walk. The bid book had the west harbor for the location. The pan am people also checked out the harbor location and were fine with it..or did people forget this?. Bob Young, Mark Cohon and the province all have shown they could care less about people in hamilton and have shown nothing but arrogance and ignorance. It was easy to hate harold ballard because he was a idiot and its hard to hate bob young..but he sure has lost the respect of one 35 plus year supporter of the ticats.

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