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By JimmyS (registered) | Posted August 06, 2010 at 15:18:09

there are some seriously heavy duty rumours flying around town today about the provincial Liberals about to stick their nose into this and toss Hamilton's interests aside in favour of a couple of prominent 'Liberals' running for office in Hamilton as well as some provincial Liberal ridings in Mississuaga.

Here is the short version. Can anyone verify or add to this?

  1. Province will come out in support of EM this weekend
  2. This will allow them to divert LRT money from Hamilton to Hurontario St in Mississuaga
  3. They think this will benefit the provincial Liberals in Mississauga as well as local Liberals such as Larry DiIanni in Hamilton

It would be a typical and disgusting move motivated by politics only and no substance (which we've known all along has already been happening behind the scenes with some of above mentioned players).

One more piece to the rumour - Council will ratify the WH next week.

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