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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted August 05, 2010 at 13:58:51

Great point. So where's your stadium money coming from? Because you've just convinced us that we need to make the west harbour residential / commercial and everything, and to do that properly will take about all we can spare from the Future Fund. So that's all taken care of, and we are forever indebted to you Tiger Cats for that invaluable insight. But that begs the question, with nothing left in the City's coffers to give back towards the Tiger Cats' long term stability, how is this stadium going to be financed? Our Future Fund is completely milked. We can only hope Tim's ponied up something big.

Future Fund spent wisely and provincial and federal funds granted as a part of the Pan Am games, spent on tearing down Scott Park to open that park area up for more parking (grass parking as we don't need more pavement), seat backs added, wrap some of the stands around to create more of a bowl at Ivor Wynne to give us our 45,000 seats for Grey Cups, soccer for the games is played at Ivor Wynne, and our Harbour is cleaned up and the area surrounding the current stadium is cleaned up. Seems like a lot more bang for our buck.

Ticats threaten to leave anyway but then we take over the team and make it a fan owned team. We have smart people like Ryan who could build a more powerful, user friendly ticats forum and some amazing artists in this city that could handle the entertainment/advertising aspects of the club. Get the whole arts community involved in this team, from visual to musicians that play at half-time, over at the tailgate parties, busking on the streets surrounding the stadium, a map that shows all the parking available from street parking, what business open up their lots to game day parking, and sell the lawn parking because it's not something to complain about. It's unique.

The city *gifts' Ivor Wynne and the Scott Park grounds to us, minus the arena and pool perhaps, and we can work together to make this profitable because we are using local talent to build and prosper and every fan knows where every dime is spent, and has access to every report involving the team, business, and state of the stadium and surrounding lands.

Think what this city could accomplish if we could have our cake and eat it too. A cleaned up Harbour and a fan/community owned team in a neighborhood that deserves our attention just as much as the harbour does.

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