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By Arlene (anonymous) | Posted August 04, 2010 at 12:38:54

Fred has been a disaster as Mayor. A previous post talked about Larry making the election about the city vs the burbs. That is nonsense as since amalgamation that has always been the issue. Fred has managed to make it worse by telling those in the former municipalities everything they wanted to hear during the last election only to become the Mayor of Downtown Hamilton after being elected. Fred talks about collaboration, cooperation and consensus but his 'lone wolf' approach to Council has put him on the outside looking in. The federal government doesn't like or respect Fred niether does the provincial government. Transparency has not improved under Fred and he's voted several times in favour of greenfield development - something he earlier was opposed to. Di Ianni was not convicted of anything criminal and it's ridiculous that uninformed people try to mislead the general public. RTH is becoming all about downtown Hamilton and forgets that the aglomeration means Hamilton is much larger than just the old city. I'm sure this won't get posted as RTH only cares about advocating their narrow, know-it-all view of what's best for the city.

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