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By highwater (registered) | Posted August 04, 2010 at 11:58:22

Was just listening to the Bill Kelly show (glutton for punishment, I know). Di Ianni called in and came out in favour of East Mountain. While he was cagey enough not to utter the exact words "I support the East Mountain", he said that he supported the West Harbour in 2007, but now it was "no longer workable". Of course he then followed up his declaration by making noises about how we really must do something about the North End (with what money I wonder, after we've poured $150m into a sprawl stadium?). I wonder if he will show up at the 'rally' at Carmen's? He better get his ticket quick, I hear space is limited!

They also accused the WH rally organizers of having a vested interest because they stand to benefit from the WH location, but a few minutes later when someone said there would be no spin off benefits from the EM location, they were quick to point out how PJ Mercanti's hotel would benefit from the EM. Got that? So according to CHML:

people benefiting from WH = shady

people benefiting from EM = pro-business! Go East Mountain!

I'm going to sue CHML for the whiplash I got from all the cognitive dissonance.

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