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By MattJelly (registered) - website | Posted August 03, 2010 at 12:16:05

I like this idea a lot. Ryan Danks/UrbanRenaissance was our mapping expert throughout By-Law Crawl- I had a feeling this idea would blossom.

I asked By-Law staff before the crawls started if there was a list- and I was given the same answer, that it would endanger the public to release that info, and that they really didn't have a procedure for listing properties when they become vacant.

I'd argue that the public is in more danger not knowing. Overall, this could lead to much more effective measures to secure some of the nastiest sites, and to inform the public about what kind of materials are being left behind in their neighbourhoods. And maybe we'll see the City and higher levels of government do something about this- it's an epidemic.

I'd be glad to be involved with this group. Thanks for starting this initiative, Ryan.

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